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Weight clinics

At Inglis Vets we offer our clients bespoke weight clinics for their pets. We all understand the importance of our pets having a good diet, however almost 50% of dogs and cats in the UK are overweight.

Overfeeding is the main cause, although there can also be underlying reasons for your pet being overweight. Overweight pets are also at a greater risk from arthritis, heart disease, breathing conditions, diabetes and skin problems.  

Our nurses are really committed to ensuring your pet gets the best help on maximising their diet. We'll assess your pet, suggest an ideal weight target and put together a plan to help your pet lose weight. We’ll also help support you during this time with follow up appointments to ensure your pet’s weight is kept on track - working together can make this easier to achieve!

Weight clinics are for a three month block and cost just £18.99. With this you'll recieve helpful diet and health advice as well as some fantastic discounts on Royal Canin food. For more information, give us a call on 01383 722 818 or pop in for a chat!