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Vaccination amnesty

Vaccination Amnesty - until 31st December 

We send out reminders when boosters are due, but we appreciate they can arrive at busy times, or while you’re on holiday, or when you’re under financial pressures. For whatever reason, your pet’s last booster may now be overdue, and as a result needs a new primary course of vaccination.

A vaccination amnesty is a way to get your pet’s vaccination status back up-to-date at a minimal cost to you. Over the next few months Inglis Vets are offering to give your pet a complete new primary course for the cost of a single booster vaccination!

From 24th October to 31st December we are offering two restart vaccinations for the price of a booster!

Why it's important to keep your pet vaccinated?

Unless properly vaccinated, your dog or cat is at risk of contracting one of several, possibly fatal, infectious diseases. For your dog, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis are the most current and widespread threats, depending on where you live. Both may prove fatal and Leptospirosis can present a serious risk to human health as well. The routine vaccination given to puppies will also protect against hepatitis and distemper, both very dangerous diseases; and parainfluenza, which, although rarely fatal, can cause suffering to your dog. Feline diseases include feline enteritis (panleucopenia), ‘cat flu’ (infectious respiratory disease) and feline leukaemia.


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