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Puppy parties

Our puppy parties are a great way to socialise your pup with puppies of a similar age under supervision. All animals including dogs have a special sensitive period at the start of their lives. During this time they learn to accept things around them so that they are not afraid of them later in life. This window closes between 12 and 16 weeks of age. Anything that is encountered at this time is tolerated and even enjoyed! After the window closes unfamiliar people, objects and experiences can be met with caution. 

Our nurses who host our puppy parties will ensure your puppy has the opportunity to mix with the puppies attending the classes in addition to meeting the grown ups too. 

The parties are also a fantastic opportunity for you to find out how to look after your puppy and our nurses can help with helpful tips on diet too. 

Our parties are held at Inglis Vets Healthy Pets at Hospital Hill in Dunfermline, Inglis Vets Polbeth in West Calder and also at our Alphavet branch in Kinross. For more information on the next parties please call our client care advisors on 01383 722818.