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Neutering your Cat

What happens when my cat is neutered?

Neutering is the common name for castration, this is the surgical removal of the testicles and is carried out under general anaesthetic. Usually your cat is admitted in the morning to the surgery and is taken home the same day. He will have several stitches which will be removed after approximately ten days. 

When should my cat be neutered?

This procedure can be carried out from 6 months of age onwards. 

What are the main reasons for neutering?

There are many reasons to consider neutering including preventing unwanted kittens, behaviour problems and of course health reasons. Neutering usually stops male cats marking their territory by spraying urine which can have a strong and offensive odour. Roaming tends to be reduced as the urge to seek out females in heat has been curtailed.

Neutered cats are generally more docile, affectionate and playful as you become the primary focus of their lives. The other great news is they have fewer medical problems, they eat less and live longer on average.

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