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Cat Vaccinations

Why have your cat vaccinated?

Modern vaccines are the result of extensive research and at Inglis Vets we use the very latest vaccines.

Vaccinations are vital throughout your cat’s life. For cats, flu is by far the most common infection, feline enteritis virus and feline leukaemia are also risks. Within a few weeks of your kitten being born, it will start to lose the natural resistance to disease it gained from it’s mother’s milk.

At this point it is almost certain to be exposed to infection of one type or another. This can happen through grooming, sharing litter trays or feeding bowls, fighting or numerous other ways that are part of everyday cat life. 

Primary vaccinations are the essential first steps in dramatically reducing the risk of your cat becoming seriously ill, with a regular annual booster giving protection to your cat in adulthood. 

When should your cat be vaccinated 

We recommend kittens are vaccinated at nine weeks with a second vaccinnation given three weeks later. 

Remember that the protective effects of a vaccination are not immediate and your vet will advise when your kitten may be allowed outside safely. 

Adult cats that have not been vaccinated in the last 15 months will require a full vaccination course of two injections – this is often referred to as a restart course and the vaccinations are given three weeks apart. 

What about Booster vaccinations 

Immunity to diseases covered by vaccinations does not last indefinitely which is why we recommend an annual booster to be given every twelve months. This is to maintain the immunity which will protect your cat against diseases and infections, and it also gives our vet an opportunity to fully examine the general health of your cat at the same time. 

Not all components of the vaccination are required every year, although several are and your vet can advise you as to the best vaccination for your cat. 

Do I get a vaccination record card? 

After completion of your cat’s primary course, you will be given a record card providing the vaccination details and advising when the next vaccination is due. We’ll also drop you a reminder in the post and a text to your mobile so don’t worry about forgetting about it! If you use a cattery during holiday times they will most certainly ask to see this record card so keep it safe. Please also bring it with you to the surgery each time your cat has vaccinations so that it can be updated. 

For further information on vaccinations or to book an appointment please get in touch with our team.